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The ULTRA Financial U-PRINT is an investment management philosophy and platform for investing with qualified external asset managers. Clients have access to a range of alternative investment opportunities utilizing specialized return managers, private equity and real assets. Portfolio allocations are created specifically to each client’s unique needs and goals. We work with external managers to provide public and private investment alternatives to diversify clients’ portfolios with the aim to achieve steady annual returns which have lower correlation to the traditional market. Alternative investments may contain substantial risks, are generally illiquid and may only be appropriate for accredited investors.


  • Private Equity & Private Debt
  • Real Estate And Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Energy & Gas
  • Fixed Indexed & Variable Annuities
  • Hedge Funds

UFP Process

We offer a highly valuable perspective into helping you grow, protect and transfer your wealth. We specialize in investment management, risk aversion and advanced planning for accredited investors. Our firm embraces alternative investment opportunities for your needs and goals, and tax-efficient and risk management solutions without the higher commissions paid to brokerage firms.

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Investment Strategies

Our Specialty

Using the UFP U-Print, we merge the use of alternative investments with traditional style portfolios to provide custom built portfolios based on a client’s goals and risk tolerance. This enables clients to participate in tax-efficient and product risk-management investing solutions. We illustrate the implications of the strategies proposed and how they align with your financial goals, risk tolerance and time-frame.

Risk Management Strategies

Managing risk in all market environments is an important component of any complete financial planning strategy.

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Wealth Preservation

Many clients chase the thrill of large returns.

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Charitable Planning

There are a number of philanthropic and charitable vehicles available when it comes to mapping out a charitable plan.

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Financial Planning

How will you arrive at the finish line unless you understand the steps it takes to get there?

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