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What We Do

Our team is driven by one focused goal – to help you grow, protect and transfer all you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We utilize our perspective to create highly customized portfolios and financial plans for our clients by incorporating an endowment approach to investing with an overlay of risk management and tax-efficient strategies as required.

Risk Management Strategies

Managing risk in all market environments is an important component of any complete financial planning strategy. Protecting your portfolio from volatility and unforeseen loss becomes even more important as you accumulate wealth. That’s why we work with clients to review potential risks and address them accordingly so your wealth can be preserved.

Wealth Preservation

Many clients chase the thrill of large returns. However, the secret to creating and maintaining wealth is to not lose money. By utilizing the U-Print customized portfolio approach, we work with you to make sure your portfolio reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals for your wealth.

Charitable Planning

There are a number of philanthropic and charitable vehicles available when it comes to mapping out a charitable plan. A comprehensive charitable giving strategy may also serve as a tax-efficient way to support the estate and legacy planning goals for your family and loved ones. As your trusted advisor, we work in concert with other estate, legacy and tax professionals to implement the charitable solutions you desire.

Financial Planning

How will you arrive at the finish line unless you understand the steps it takes to get there? Having a financial plan incorporating your needs, desires and legacy plan is the navigational tool to guide you toward your destination. UFP offers customized plans to help you achieve your goals with the flexibility to meet unexpected turns along the way.

Additional Services:

Our Process
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Lifetime Income
  • Income Planning
  • Tax-free Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Wealth Transfer
Our History
  • IRA Solutions
  • Long-term Care
  • Family Protection
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Roth IRA Conversions
Our Values
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Key Employee Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Social Security Planning
  • 401k's
  • Venture Captial
Our Resources
  • Oil & Gas Investments (for Accredited Investors)
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Capital Gains Management
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • College Planning

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. |  480-305-2056