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We offer a unique and highly valuable perspective into helping you grow, protect and transfer your wealth. We specialize in investment management, risk aversion and advanced planning for accredited investors. Our Firm embraces alternative investment opportunities for your needs and goals, and tax-efficient and risk management solutions without the higher commissions paid to brokerage firms.

1. Determine Relationship Fit

We believe in building trusted and long-lasting relationships - the foundation of which is mutual respect. As fiduciaries, we are not tied to any one firm or specific products.

This means we are:

  • Required to act impartially
  • Provide advice that is in our clients' best interest
  • Only charge fees based on investable assets
  • Disclose any and all conflicts
  • Review our clients' entire financial life, including risk management products

2. Goals & Objectives Discovery

Our discovery process creates a picture of your current financial position. This discovery process uncovers your risk tolerance, time horizon and desire investment goals, through an assessment of you:

  • Banking, investment and retirement account statements
  • Personal and business tax returns
  • Wills, trusts, insurance and estate-planning document
  • Business statements

The process outlines opportunities and potential gaps to achieving an investment/income plan that matches your vision

3. Investment strategy proposal

In this step, we present you a customized proposal. The proposal outlines strategic action steps to implement your personalized financial vision. We explain and illustrate the investing implications of the strategies proposed and show, with your best interest in mind, how all this incorporates your financial goals, risk tolerance, lifestyle and time frame.

4. Implementation & Your Future

The implementation of your customized plan is the final step in our process and the first step in our relationship as your financial advisor. We work with CPAs and attorneys and those with whom you already have relationships with to implement the mutually agreed upon solutions we advise for your investing, retirement planning, income and tax planning needs.

We will meet quarterly, or as needed to review and adjust your plan based on changes in your life situation, the financial markets and other conditions.

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